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Discovering Corfu

Explore the Liston and the Spianada

Exploration of the city starts from the Spianada with the famous Liston; in the surrounding area discover Saints Michael and George Palace, the Asian Art Museum and the Ionian Academy. Drink tsitsibirra (ginger beer) at the Liston while you enjoy a cricket game in the Spianada.

Visit the Church of Agios Spyridon

The church is the most well known religious monument in the town of Corfu and Saint Spyridon is the Keeper of the city.

Climb up to the Old and New Fort

A stroll to the Old Fort across from the Spianada is for visitors of the city a ritual, as classic as having coffee at the Liston. The New Fort built by the Venetians on the hill above the Old Port, is an example of fortress architecture with new posts at its entrance and demands our attention.

Walk through Mouragia

The literate and cultural tradition of past centuries in Corfu is reborn along the coastal Arsenios Avenue, from the Palace to the Port. Here you will find the Reading Society of Corfu, the Byzantine Museum, the old Prefecture Building and the Dyonisios Solomos Museum.

Wander through the Campielo

Walk hand-in-hand in one of the most beautiful venetian neighborhoods in Greece and hide from the crowds in the quaint Agia Eleni square with the palm tree in the center and the venetian houses all around.

See Pontikonisi and the Kanoni

“Corfu, Corfu with the Pontikonisi” (old Greek song) The rock with thick vegetation in the middle of the sea and the picturesque chappel of Pantokrator is the symbol of Corfu. Discover the Kanoni area and the Holy Monastery Panagia Vlahernon.

Escape to Paleopolis and Mon Repos

The uniqueness of Peleopolis is due to the archeological findings and the Mon Repos mansion, known as the summer palace of Brithish Commissioners and the Greek Royal Family. Wander through the gardens of rare beauty.

Visit the Achillion Palace

The palace was built as the summer palace of Empress of Austria Elisabeth, also known as Sissi. The palace is characteristic for its numerous statues. Impressive is the huge, 11.5 meter tall statue of Achilles in the palace garden with the panoramic view.

Discover the Museums and Culture of Corfu

See the Museum of Asian Art, the jewel of Corfu and unique in all of Greece with the exquisite collection of Asian artifacts, the Banknotes Museum, also unique in Greece, the Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa with the significant artwork and rich collection of portable icons and heirlooms and the Archological Museum. Do not forget the Reading Society with largest library of the Ionian Islands, the Dyonisios Solomos Museum named after the national poet of Greece, the Municipal Gallery and the Ioannis Kapodistrias Museum.


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