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Important corfu events and festivities

Greek Easter

The most spectacular, devout Easter in Greece. An experience worth living at least once. An endless ritual taking place in the streets and squares of the old town to the sound of Philharmonic bands.

Ionian Jazz Concerts

Each year the Ionian University organizes the Summer Music Academy and the Ionian Jazz Concerts in cooperation with the Mumicipality of Corfu and the Corfu Festival. Seminars and concerts with some of the most important international jazz artists.

Karnavali (Carnival)

Carnival in Corfu has more of a strong Venetian character than an ancient greek character. Watch the Carnival Wedding reenacted in some villages. One man from the village is dressed as the groom and an other as the bride. During the wedding ceremony, a village person dressed as a satire does everything possible to spoil the ceremony. At the same time, the guests tease each other and pandemonium ensues.


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